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lotus with eagle arms

A little more about 
"The journey home"

Originally from Italy, driven by cultural curiosity always felt the need to also explore other landscapes and cultures. After few years in Venice, in 2010 I moved to London to follow my career within the hotel industry and, apart from living temporary in Australia and then in Spain, that's where I am currently based.

During my time spent in Sydney I had found myself in a downfall (emotionally, mentally, physically) and it was then that, subconsciously in need of healing, I finally took myself to my first ever yoga class.

 I did have no expectations nor a precise end goal however I managed to totally tune within while following the teacher instructions. During those 75 mins Ashtanga practice I experienced a new yet familiar beautiful feeling of "coming back home"to myself. It felt like getting back in touch with my true nature, in a state of bliss and sense of freedom that made me start practicing yogasanas pretty much every day even when I only had 20 or 10 mins available.

Soon wanting to go beyond the physical practice and learn more tools to stay on the bliss path, I enrolled in my first yoga teacher training with Sampoorna Yoga School in South Goa, India.

The path of self discovery and art of creating space from body to mind and all around, had began since and keeps going through constant practice and learning from and by living fully.

Few years later and I finally took the leap of faith, leaving the hotel career and embarking on the journey to be of service through sharing the yogic practices.

My aim is to share with those who are open to receive the benefits of this magnificent and ageless wisdom.

 Learning slowly to link the breath to movement and watching the multiple benefits of mindful breathing unfolding drew me to deepen the practice of pranayama and getting to know more about the science behind mindful breathing.

Most recently I have also come to embrace more meditative practices, such as Yin and mindful meditation to counter balance the pretty "yang" paced London lifestyle and to gracefully stay grounded whenever outside seems to be a bit noisy and messy.

As a seeker of yoga I realise day by day that the more I learn from teacher, students, relationships the more I discover that to live fully is to let go and find presence through unconditional acceptance and gratitude for what is.

​My classes are open to everyone who wants to connect to their own body-mind with an awareness of the breath and move beyond the gross body, towards their inner most authentic wisdom, with kindness, acceptance and gratitude to eventually feel whole within themselves and in relationship with others.

After all this is the goal of yoga: liberation, learning to live in our truth by paying attention and at the same keeping detached from the mind chatters.

All we need is within, we just have to tune in, be receptive and keep practicing.

Enjoy the journey!

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