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"The passion for yoga"


Hi! I am a London based yoginī on a continuous learning (unlearning and relearning), and sharing journey.

 As a seeker of yoga this practice has helped me to get back to "my own self", to stay grounded into the reality of the present and to navigate changes by accepting 'what is'. 

My purpose is to support and motivate people becoming more embodied and comfortable within themselves (and others), guiding them through sustainable movement and mindful breathing yet fluid evolving sequences, inspired by years of training in the most traditional practices of Yoga, along with Ayurveda, Mindfulness and others holistic principles.

I specialise in Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Pranayama breath-work and Meditation.

Whether you are beginning your yoga journey or looking to expand your practice, I am here to support and honour each journey.

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